Emergency aid for 2021: Caixa launches 4th batch for Bolsa Família beneficiaries with 4 last shekels and those born in May; See calendars | Emergency assistance

2021 Emergency Aid: Caixa launches third batch withdrawals and transfers for those born in September;  See calendars |  Emergency assistance

Pay third batch Aid ended on June 30th for all masses.

Payments from Fourth batch of benefit It was expected and started on Saturday (17) For those not part of the Bolsa Família (See calendars below).

For workers who are part of the Bolsa Família, payments are made in the same manner as the original entitlement.

For others, money will be deposited into a Caixa digital social savings account, and will initially be available to pay bills and purchases through the virtual card. Withdrawals and transfers will be issued to those receiving credit this Thursday, August 9th.

Emergency Aid 2021: Understanding the rules for the new round

2021 Emergency Aid: Understanding the rules for the new round

See who receives this Thursday:

  • Beneficiaries Bolsa Família with 4 shekels finished
  • Workers who are not part of the Bolsa Família, born in may

Workers can check their eligibility status by requesting emergency assistance via the website auxilio.caixa.gov.br or by https://consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br/

Payment calendars

See below for payment schedules.

Beneficiaries of BOLSA FAMÍLIA

Emergency aid for 2021 Bolsa Família – Photo: G1 الاقتصاد Economy

Beneficiaries outside BOLSA FAMÍLIA

The government expects the payment schedule for the fourth batch of emergency aid – Photo: G1Economy الاقتصاد

Videos: Latest emergency relief news

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