Ellen Pompeo reveals she doesn’t want to act after ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ends and explains why

Ellen Pompeo revela que não pretende atuar após Grey's Anatomy. (Getty/Reprodução; ABC)

Let us enjoy Ellen Pompeo While there is still time! the hero of the story “instinct anatomy He opened the game about what he wants for his future after the end of the series, which is about to enter its eighteenth season. In an interview on the podcast “Ladies First with Laura Brown” on Saturday (31), our beloved translator Meredith Gray said she intends to focus on other activities, and to fans’ grief, Eileen’s future may not involve acting…

“I’m not saying I won’t act anymore, maybe I will, but I’m not too excited to continue acting. I’m more adventurous now. I’m excited to invest and open my business. It’s an area where I would like to grow, and use my brain in other ways”, It is to explain.

The star revealed the reasons why the excitement around acting has faded – and it’s connected to Elaine’s stage in her life. “I feel like even though I haven’t played a million different roles, I feel like I did. Sitting in trailers and traveling and filming this in Atlanta and Vancouver. I don’t feel like sitting in trailers at 11 p.m. waiting to film my scenes, or having assistants knock on my door And they tell me when I can have lunch. You know, that’s for young people”, She said.

Ellen Pompeo has been playing Meredith Gray for nearly 17 years on “Grey’s Anatomy.” (Photo: clone/ABC)

Pompeo admitted that the fact that she was only known by one character really bothered her, but she got used to it over time, and now she’s seeing more possibilities in terms of her career. “When I was in my thirties, I saw myself in a box. That’s why I stayed on the show. I thought, ‘Oh my God, when I can negotiate my contract again and get out of this, I’ll be around 40.'” This role has scarred me so badly that I won’t be able to act again.” 15 years ago, I thought I’d be at the end of my acting career at 40. Now that I’m 50, I don’t see myself that way at all. I see myself As someone who can do whatever he wants or do nothing too”, She said! Queen, right?

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One of his next projects, outside of acting, is audio notation “Tell Me” (Tell Me, free translation), where she will be responsible for interviewing the women and telling their stories. For now, according to her, the excitement of starting a new challenge is what drives her. You will definitely be successful in whatever you choose to do! Listen to the ladies’ podcast episode first:

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