eFootball bets on update 1.0 to win back fans | Presented

eFootball bets on update 1.0 to win back fans |  Presented

Lewandowski at eFootball 2022 – Photo: clone / J

In an interview with General ElectricRobbye Ron, Konami Brand Manager for the Americas, explained that the main focus of this 1.0 update is to fix the game according to community responses. Polls have been conducted around the world with fans of the franchise to find out exactly what needs to be improved, removed, and brought back in eFootball 2022.

Nobody was happy (with eFootball). this is the truth. That’s why we launched a survey so producers can fix the bugs

Robbie Ron explains.

Robbie Rohn, Brand Manager, Konami – Image: clone

The most cited complaint in the many satisfaction surveys Konami has received was the gameplay. With so many flaws and a lack of basic and classic mechanics from the franchise, the gameplay made old PES fans feel like they were migrating to another game entirely different. According to Robbye, in addition to fixing bugs, the developers have added new features.

Check out the new eFootball gameplay:

  • Stunning Kicks (or Powerful Kicks): By pressing the R2 or RT button while kicking, passing, throwing or tackling, the player performs the movement with more power and accuracy. However, correcting it is not easy. You will need space and time to load the animation.
  • Pass and Run (or one – two): After passing the ball (with X or A) just press R1 or RB to make the player who touched the ball advance to find space in the opponent’s defense.
  • Pressure (or defensive pressure): Press X or A to make the marker advance towards the opposing attacker or press R1 or RB to call a teammate who will mark the ball under AI command while controlling the defender to close spaces.
  • Shoulder to shoulder marking: Just press R2, RT + square or X for the mark to try to share the ball with the opponent in the body.

In addition to these new features, eFootball 2022 promises to fix the speed of passes and shots, better dribbling response, shorter waiting time for online games and a slight improvement in graphics.

Another big change revealed by Robbye is the renaming of Creative Team mode to Dream Team. With many changes related to MyClub, PES 2021 online mode, the novelty is more similar to Ultimate Team, than the competing FIFA game.

eFootball: Check out the launch announcement

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