Ed Sheeran returns to number one on UK charts with new album

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Singer Ed Sheeran concludes with a reason to celebrate his 2021. This is because the artist ended his year at the top of the UK album charts, thanks to his new album “=”. The album is now # 1 in its second week. In addition, he has been in second place for the past three weeks.

This Friday (31), according to official charts, Ed Sheeran’s new creation this week surpassed Adele’s “30” album sales. The difference is 500 copies. In this way, the singer previously took the position of Adele.


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Although quickly overtaken by the artist’s “Easy on Me” album, it is worth noting that “-” was the best-selling album in the UK at the time of its launch.

Proving his success, this is not the first album by the # 1 favorite singer. Ed Sheeran is already with “x” in 2014, “÷” in 2017 and “No. 6 collaboration project” in 2019.

Ed Sheeran has unveiled a plan to reforest the UK

Ed Sheeran is aware of the environmental impact of leaving his tour – so he decided to do something about it.

This Monday (27), the 30-year-old singer spoke to BBC Radio London about his latest venture: buying land to plant trees and reforest in the UK.

“I buy as much land as possible and try to plant as many trees as possible. I will try to reforest the UK as much as possible, ”the singer declared, adding that he loves the habitat, the wildlife and the environment.

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“My job is not very consistent when I play in cities, but I do my best and I’m going to tear my head off every time I say this,” he added.

Ed Sheeran announced the release of the new record. With Camila Cabello in 2022

Ed Sheeran and Camila Capello are planning to release a new song in 2022! In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, the British artist revealed this information.

When asked if Capello would be in his next solo album, The Joker and the Queen, he said: “No, but we did a song together that will be released next year.”

Note that Ed and Camila have already teamed up on the track “South of the Border”, which also features Cardi Pi. The song is part of the “No.6 Collaboration Project” album released in 2019 by a British singer.

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