Economics students around the world are calling for changes in education


In an open letter, economics students from all over the world addressed the professors. They question economics studies that do not prepare them for the crises of the twenty-first century.

Pandemic, climate crisis and inequality: countless crises dominate world events today. Therefore, many economics students feel that they are not prepared enough to work on solutions to these problems. Today, they are sending an open letter to teachers denouncing the fact that the economy is not keeping pace with the current crises.

Two points are particularly important and lie at the heart of this open letter: education in economics and the economists themselves. Students criticize the attitudes reported in absentia, the college’s lack of interdisciplinarity, as well as the lack of modesty in this science. On the other hand, global actors define the rules of the game for economic research, ignoring the daily reality of marginalized groups and power structures in society. All this leads to a limited view on the part of researchers and professors who do not tolerate any critical discourse. This also leads to political actions that do not take into account all the groups that make up the society.

Students from several countries worked on writing the open letter. They invite colleagues from all over the world to collaborate for a multi-economy in their universities. They also address their teachers, inviting them to accept interdisciplinary content and to take their students’ concerns seriously. The authors of this open letter are part of the international network Rethinking the economy.

Work over the network Economy crystallLuisa Jentsch co-authored the open letter. Says: “ It does not matter if they are from India, Nigeria or the United Kingdom; When I talk to other economics students from all over the world, I am always surprised to see that we are all very disappointed in our education. Our expectations, what we need to be able to meet the economic challenges, are not taken into account “.

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The open letter is written in German in this linkAnd in its original English version over here.

French translation: Aline Arana / Review: Graça Pinheiro

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