Dynho says he wants to vote for Diane and the couple discuss

Dynho says he wants to vote for Diane and the couple discuss

Diane Melo and Dinho Alves Discussed during the formation of the second farm in “Vazanda 13” (RecordTV). The model was dissatisfied after the dancer said his voice would actually go to her, but he couldn’t point to her because she’s in the booth.

Dynho voted for Aline and apologized for the previous panic and told her colleague she could re-vote without any issues. He then went on to talk about Diane, whose vote would go in his favor before the booth was formed.

“I vetoed the rest of the match with Rodrigo Farrow, so this week I was able to enter the booth and get rid of my vote and get rid of my vote as well. In fact, if you want to vote for me, you can vote for me too. […] Unfortunately, I managed to escape. I expected an attitude from you when you pulled me out of the Rodrigo Farrow match, just like you always ask people for a position,” Dinho justified.

“You had a whole week to talk to me. You don’t need to talk about me, talk about your vote. You don’t have to talk, I don’t want to. I’m not your voice,” Diane replied, so talk about your vote.

The pawn said his speech was directed at the crossbar at the time, and Dayan responded that he would vote for several people, but would not talk about the others during his speech. Dinho insisted he expects a situation from Diane after Biwa pulled him out of a dynamic with Rodrigo Farrow.

Diane replied, “You didn’t vote for me? I got you out of the test.” He asked “You voted for me to remove, my love, what would I have done?”

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Then Dinho wondered why he was hugging him and said they were fine after he voted for them in the first formation.

“And you can’t vote? Even if you give a hug?” former Gran Fratelo said.

“For me that was embracing falsehood,” Dino said.

“That’s what you think,” Diane replied.

The dancer once again spoke of his annoyance with Diane’s quick reaction during the “Hora do Faro” match, which garnered prizes for the participants. According to Dynho, Diane very quickly responded to his name when he needed to eliminate a pawn from the game.

“Do you know why? You don’t want to get burned with anyone, you want to make the line with everyone,” Dynho finished.

Diane laughed and Adrien Galisto followed the vote.

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Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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