Dua Liba named the UK’s most listened to 2020

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Not for anyone! Dua Lipa By 2020 artists in the UK will be asked more. This information came from BPL, the company responsible for the copyright there. They track songs on all kinds of media, so they have a lot of tips to give that information. With successes such as “Body“,“To break my heart“e”Levitt“It was hard to hear a dua song last year.

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You know what Dua Lipa Talked about the subject:

Thank you so much to everyone who loved listening to my music throughout 2020. I am incredibly proud to be the most played artist on radio, television and across the UK. I wanted ‘nostalgia for the future’ to bring some happiness in such a difficult time. BPL and thank you for supporting all those who have done an important job of ensuring that artists and musicians get paid while playing their music.

Top 10

Except for the above Dua Lipa, BPL released the top 10 most listed artists in the UK. Do you have a challenge? Top 10 here:

1 Dua Lipa
2 Ed Sheeran
3 Haryana Grande
4 Sam Smith
5 Calvin Harris
6 small mixture
7 Gold Play
8 Justin Bieber
9 Maroon5
10 weekend

Dua Liba has the best answer for those who say he dances badly

Dua Lipa His talent for his voice and songwriting has always been highly appreciated. However, one detail has always taken their toll: their dances. Bad tongues gave a point for teasing and saying she was awkward to dance to. Today, he celebrates four years since the release of his debut album, “DUA LIPA”. More experienced, he guarantees that he will be able to learn a lot over the years and that he is more confident than he was then. That’s what she said in the stories.

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After all, Dua Lipa He changed all the hatred he received into gratitude. It was fueling for her to become a dancer that everyone admired when she took the stage.

Dua Lipa She was very relaxed in bed wearing pajamas and smiled as she reflected on how grateful she was:

“It’s been four years since my first album came out.

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