Douglas and Jesse discuss thinking about the relationship to the wall

Douglas and Jesse discuss thinking about the relationship to the wall

Doctor and crying during the first concert of “BBB 22” (TV Globo)? We have it too! Jesse, afraid that Chief Douglas Silva on the adjacent wall might vote her down, began a small argument with her brother.

The sister told the chief that Eliezer commented that it might be his choice. She thinks that her brother does not love her. “You’re a teacher in Brazil, there’s no way I can’t like you,” Douglas replied.

Jesse recalled an incident that Douglas was said to have bumped into in the kitchen. The captain said he did not remember the situation, but asked her to speak when she felt uncomfortable in her “straightforward” manner.

In the chat, the teacher acknowledged that Douglas was her choice to vote. “I just wanted to tell you something from the bottom of my heart. When it all started, I said, ‘Douglas is a voting choice because he’s so cruel and I hate to be treated badly.”

Douglas apologized again and said “it’s to ourselves” and Jesse says he hopes “we can be honest with each other”.

However, Jesse is starting to get more and more excited about the chat, saying that she is too afraid “people won’t like her.” Feeling pressured, Douglas burst into tears and asked the two to end the conversation the next day.

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