Sony is moving quickly to block the leaked trailer for ‘Spider-Man 3’ on social media

Sony is moving quickly to block the leaked trailer for 'Spider-Man 3' on social media

a Sony It moved at the speed of light last Sunday to remove the leaked trailer of the long-awaited file from social media Spider-Man: No Home. The information was disclosed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The leak became popular topics on Twitter, with some accounts sharing what appeared to be the trailer, while others reacted to the firestorm that the alleged leaker could face.

a Sony He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Some of the tweets sharing the alleged propaganda video have been removed and tagged with a copyright statement. “Media has been disabled in response to a complaint from the copyright owner,” the message read.

Out of respect for the staff Sony And for everyone who worked on the film, we will not link the video here. However, despite the quality of the 8-Bit game, it does indeed run a description of the online trailer, which you can check out below.

The trailer starts exactly where Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) finished. Peter and MJ swing the nets across New York when JJ Jameson appears on screen to reveal the secret identity of Spider-Man: Peter Parker.

Enjoy watching:

Then, several scenes show Peter and his friends walking around New York, inside a high school, at a police station and apparently outside a courtroom. All people look at him, some even hold posters against the young man. Peter talks to Aunt May and the Marvel credits come in.

Returns trailer showing Sanctum Santorum, the home of Dr. Strange. Everything is white inside, seemingly frozen, and Peter is talking to the Supreme Wizard.

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Several scenes are shown of Spider-Man running through the crowd, something not recommended in a pandemic, despite him wearing a mask.

The trailer resumes the conversation between Peter and Dr. Strange. The boy asks the therapist to help solve the problem of people knowing his identity. The doctor hesitates, but starts a spell to try and solve the case. Peter wonders about his friends who still remember him. However, Peter Parker’s endless chatter gets in the way of the spell and then a cartoon-like effect begins. Spider-Man in the back of a spider.

Then we see Spider-Man jump towards the portal, while Doctor Strange talks about the Multiverse. They appear above what appears to be a moving train (the effects are not over) and Dr. Strange says something about Peter living two lives.

Soon, we see the Ultimate Mage separate Peter from his body to the stellar level, just as Crone did with Doctor Strange and the Hulk in the previous films. We see Iron Spider and Happy Hogan inside a car and then we see a giant Spider-Man lightning strike. It might be Jamie Foxx Electro, but there’s no way to know the Game Boy quality of the leaked video.

There was an attack on a filled bridge and a claw of ash appeared. It is: the Doctor Octopus from Alfred Molina. He says, “Hi Peter!” The boy poses as Spider-Man and the costume is displayed on his body.

The movie logo rises and the trailer ends.

It looks like the villain in the movie will be Sinister Sextet made up of villains from other timelines. However, we need to wait for the final version to be sure.

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