Doctors warn of new infections and call for prevention

Doctors warn of new infections and call for prevention

U.S.A group of British doctors is challenging the government to develop an epidemic prevention plan, and Boris Johnson accuses the government of not learning anything from the Govt-19 epidemic.

Each doctor is a team consisting of more than 250,000 national health workers and has filed complaints against the government for awarding $ 650 million in BPE contracts to several inexperienced companies.

Speaking to the Mirror, Dr. Julia Patterson recalled that before the outbreak of Govt-19, the government had been warned of the danger it posed, and the situation became chaotic as no action was taken.

The doctor argues that the country may soon experience a new (and worse) epidemic and that the government has done nothing to prevent the situation from recurring.

“The government needs to get involved in a plan to prepare an epidemic to prevent this chaos and the number of deaths – and the danger to our doctors – from happening again,” he says.

It is recalled that the case against the British government came to court this week.

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