Do you have anything at home? Discover 5 old McDonald's toys that could be worth up to R$1,600

Do you have anything at home?  Discover 5 old McDonald's toys that could be worth up to R$1,600

The iconic red Happy Meal box has been a delight for children since the 1970s, and some old McDonald's toys have been turned into prized collectibles.

If you have these games stored at home, know that many of them can be worth large sums of money nowadays. Below we list some of these items that can cost up to R$1,600.

Check out the old McDonald's toys that sold for up to R$1,600 today.

1986 Halloween Boo Buckets

Launched on Halloween 1986, these Happy Meal Buckets were a huge hit, with kids using them to collect candy around the neighborhood. Recently, a set of three buckets from 1990 sold for US$150 (R$781.88 at current prices). The value may increase depending on the rarity of the bucket and even its facial expression.

McDonald's Forbes

Introduced in 1998, Furby is a hugely successful electronic toy. McDonald's decided to incorporate it into Happy Meals. Nowadays, a complete McFurby collection can be worth up to US$150 (B$781.88), with about 80 dolls in the collection. Smaller packages are more affordable.

Mcnuggets friends

McNuggets were launched in 1983 and quickly became very popular. Then came McNuggets Buddies, little characters often found in Happy Meal gifts. These old McDonald's toys may also be worth a lot of money.

Recently, a 1990s Halloween set sold for $112. However, older items still in their original packaging can cost more than US$200 (R$983.50) each.

Cars “hotties”.

Toys from the “Hot Guys” series, which were a hit in the United States between 1979 and 1985, were also part of the Happy Meals. Recently, a complete set of the six vehicles launched by the series was sold for US$350 (R$1,721.12).

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Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac

Finally, there are two old McDonald's toys, Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac, who are supporting characters from the early Happy Meal era. In December, a plastic Mayor McCheese doll sold for US$330 on eBay, while a set of Mayor and Police Officer Big Mac stuffed toys went on sale for US$225 (R$1,106.44).

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