Disgusting and disgusting attitude of future doctors; An unforgivable sexual act

Disgusting and disgusting attitude of future doctors;  An unforgivable sexual act

There was also an alleged return to the Olympics where about 20 men displayed their sexual organs during a volleyball match between women’s teams.

There is no excuse or explanation for this story. This was a sexist, disrespectful and rude attitude, which the Unisa rectory and all the players who were at this volleyball match should condemn as a crime.

The University of Santo Amaro must take drastic and urgent action, as do the police. This issue needs serious investigation. This cannot be ignored in any way, because educational institutions will become a ground for sexism if the necessary measures are not taken.

This case is extremely serious and the Federal Government, through the Departments of Education and Health, must speak out, as this behavior by potential future doctors is completely unacceptable. It is worth noting that the Board of Directors of this university had previously announced, earlier this year, its rejection of abusive behavior Pranks applied to new students of medicine course.

Perhaps these men felt more proud to show the world what they thought by doing this obscene act, than to become doctors to help those who need more health in this country.

When they come together in the future, they will laugh like they did in May. Maybe they think they are more masculine and more masculine than those who respect women.

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