Discover the new functionality of mobile

Discover the new functionality of mobile

Many people have used Google’s resources during the pandemic to develop online activities, among them Google is dead. Since then, this a tool Updates have been received to improve system development.

Google recently announced that soon, in Meet, 360-degree wallpapers will be available for both iOS and Android. Keep reading to better understand what’s new to update From Google Meet!

The update expands video sharing capabilities

Before this news becomes available, there will be a release of emoji reactions during video calls. It had already been announced, and everyone was waiting for the news to hit the platform. For this, the user needs to access the emoticons icon in the bottom menu of the platform, which contains options for sending a reaction in the corner of the screen.

related to my knowledge Discovered in 360 degrees by 9to5Google, which shows how this tool works. Therefore, for the 360 ​​wallpaper to be possible, it will be necessary to use your own rotation and orientation data smart phone.

In addition, among the possibilities of user selections there will be an oasis, mountain or city landscape. The company plans to roll out the update to paid Workspace users.

By bringing together all the innovations implemented in its Meet video calling service, 9to5Google says the company is working to encourage users to leave Implementation From the original Meet, where there is a possibility to stop.

Updates allow people to use the platform in different ways in a meeting. In addition, it makes use more engaging and interactive, preventing monotonous meetings and classes, something many users of the previous version have noted.

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Although the initial suggestion is to make the resources available to paid accounts only, the fact of remote activities remains. Over time, they will be able to implement other features on the platform.

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