Director explains deletion of God of Trick scene as ‘King’

Director explains deletion of God of Trick scene as 'King'

Attention: Spoilers alert!

With the release of the last episode of loki, it’s at Season 2 confirmedFans are starting to wonder about the scenes shown in the ads that didn’t appear in the first season. One excerpt is when Loki appears as “King,” which can be seen at minute 1:41 of the trailer below.

For many, this was an indication that the new year of the series was already at least with the recording of the pilot episode, but this is not the case.

In an interview with TV lineSeason One Manager Kate Heron, stated that the scenes will be flashbacks to Loki in Asgard, which will appear when Mobius revisits the life of a cheating god. According to her, the clips were good, but did not fit into the cut:

“They went a lot on the comedic side, and the scenes weren’t bad. But when we put it all together, they were close to seeing Loki and his mother Freja die. We obviously didn’t want to take the focus off that moment, because your mom is dying and she’s so emotional. It’s hard. Always. The scenes weren’t necessarily bad, but they didn’t fit. That’s why there are parts that people see but end up not joining the series.”

Heron used the interview to speak About not continuing the series for the new year. She was responsible for directing the entire first season, and will not participate in the following seasons of God of Cheating on Disney +But he says he wants to go back to work with marvel:

“For me there are no hard feelings. A director takes six hours a lot, especially in a Marvel way. We didn’t have the projection system, we shot everything like a giant movie so I’m very grateful and it was a great opportunity. But I was so dedicated and it’s a lot. I’m so proud. Working on it. I feel this has been my contribution to Loki’s history, and I look forward to working with Marvel again in the future.”

King Loki deleted the scene

At the moment, there’s no information on the plot or release date for Loki’s second season, which was confirmed in a post-credits scene at the end of Year 1. However, rumors indicate that Tom Hiddleston can appear in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessMaybe before the new episodes of your series.

and you think that marvel He can still enjoy deleted scenes from loki? Comment below and see also:

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