Paola Oliveira, the jaguar and the destabilization they caused

Paola Oliveira, the jaguar and the destabilization they caused

This strategy associates female sexual desire with something unruly and uncontrolled. In this way, women, animals, and so-called “uncivilized people” will be closer to sexual arousal that has become hostage to primitive, uncontrolled, and dangerous impulses.

On the other hand, the ways of living and life philosophies of different indigenous peoples tell us about the continuity between humanity and all beings, between people, animals, plants and places, and between what we understand as culture and nature. From this point of view, there will be no definitive separation between what is natural and what is human. People are part of nature, and nature is part of us, and therefore of what we understand as culture. People can become animals, animals can become people, and this creates an abundance of possibilities for existence.

In Jaguar's costume, Paula plays with tradition, summoning the power of the connection between nature and culture, between being a woman and being an animal. It shakes the negativity of the idea of ​​wild female sexual desire. He touches on this fantasy, but does not suggest a closed alternative.

Just as the carnival itself does: it violates, suspends and reverses rules, allowing us to look at social life with new eyes, without necessarily providing answers, but putting other ways of seeing within our reach.

In his latest book (“The Alphabet of Collisions”), Professor Vladimir Savatel talks about discontinuities, ruptures and collisions: “Perhaps the only ethical position worthy of our time must begin from the search for the assumption of fundamental ontological insecurity. We can say that morality has become a lesson for us on how to fall and how to break ourselves, and there are certain moments in which it becomes clear that what is most important is to know how to fall, because we were created to break ourselves. […]. Prepare yourself because one day you will break, and you will betray yourself. You will encounter that which is not within your control, that which takes you outside your jurisdiction, that which strips you of your identities, that which confuses action and judgment.”

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Paula passed by and became confused. You distorted your desire, my desire, our desire. We are not talking here only about desire in the sexual dimension. Desire in the psychological dimension to expand boundaries and awareness.

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