Diogo Defante asks Neymar for forgiveness after his publication about the privatization of the beach · TV News

Diogo Defante asks Neymar for forgiveness after his publication about the privatization of the beach · TV News

Diogo Defante spoke out after Neymar Jr criticized him on Friday (31). The comedian posted a post about the privatization of Brazilian beaches and angered the footballer. Whose name was not even mentioned in the post. “I beg your pardon,” the comedian said.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Defante shared a video in which he briefly commented on the situation. However, the YouTuber did not clarify whether the apology was serious or just sarcastic.

grindstone Clemaw Mane. I ask Neymar Jr for forgiveness, what a wrong person,” the comedian responded.

The controversy between Devante and Neymar began after the comedian published a sarcastic message about the privatization of beaches, specifically after Luana Piovani accused the athlete of being a supporter of the project. “Privatize my head,” DiVanti wrote.

Afterwards, Bruna Biancardi's ex-boyfriend shared a video of the YouTuber at his home and suggested that he was unfaithful. “Be careful who you open the door to,” he began. “This citizen asked his friends to meet me. Since I was a fan of his and thought they were very nice people, I asked them to take him home.”

“It was very well received, watched a movie at my house, played, got to know me closely with my family and friends, and almost every show called me for a shout out. Bragging, you idiot,” added the player who said. I deleted this post after a few hours.

Fight with Luana Piovani

Neymar attacked Luana Piovani via Instagram Stories. The athlete spoke out after the actress called him a “terrible father” and a “terrible man.” “I think they opened the shelter door and released a crazy woman who didn't want to take my name out of her mouth. Whoever works in the shelter she was in, please go after her, it's complicated.”

Do you want to become famous, my daughter? Your time is up. She was a great actress, but now they have to put a shoe in your mouth because you're talking nonsense. And one more thing, do you want to talk about my character? You don't even know me, you don't know where I come from, you don't know what I've been through, and you don't know my daily life.

“Do you want to talk about my children? I don't understand you. I never said anything about your children. I've always treated your children very well, they actually adore me.”

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“You can't talk about my children. If you want the phone number of my children's mothers, I'll give it to you, no problem. Ask them if you're a bad father. Be ashamed of yourself. You're over 50 and want to stamp it online?” he added. Who are you thinking about?

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