Alice Wegman on fluid sexuality: ‘I’ve always been open’

Alice Wegman on fluid sexuality: 'I've always been open'

Alice Wegman, who appeared on air as Sophia in “A Vida da Gente,” last night spoke about the different types of love.

Through an open question box on her Instagram profile, a fan asked her. Do you prefer monogamy, polygamy, free love or is it dependent?

In response, the actress studies. “I’ve never had open flirtation, but I would have tried to figure out what it was. I think every couple finds their formula and I believe above all in love, respect, and freedom to make our choices and keep the consequences,” Alice Wegman wrote.

And when asked if she was sure of her sexuality, the actress did not run away. “I really believe in our drive and our multiplicity, I’ve always been open, but to me, that exchange has to have charm, admiration, and desire. Kissing on the mouth is really good, but it has to be with whom and when we really want it, so, I respect my limits and my desires” , He said.

Even a bolder fan asked about the longest time the actress had spent without kissing on the mouth. Alice Weigman replied, without a filter. “I stayed there for five months, and then after that, the first person I kissed was a random German motorcyclist in Asia,” he commented.

Finally, the actress talked about using relationship apps. “I’ve never used apps. Life, thank God, has moved on putting interesting guys my way without apps. But I think it’s cool, it works for a lot of people,” she concluded, using the fun emoji.

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