Did the Simpsons predict the fuel shortage? | Economie

Did the Simpsons predict the fuel shortage?  |  Economie

Simpsons predicted a fuel shortage?

The United Kingdom suffers from a shortage of fuel. Around the island, long lines of cars form at gas stations in search of gas. On social media, fans of The Simpsons say the book got another “prediction” right.

After a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers in the UK, many consumers are panicking, with even the government putting military personnel in the middle of the fuel supply chain to prevent the problem from getting worse.

The 2010 episode “Lisa, This Isn’t Your Life” went viral recently to explain futurology. In the Simpsons scene, Homer can be seen filling the trunk of his car with 1,000 gallons of fuel to win a promotional game for his daughter Maggie.

On Twitter, netizens commented that Matt Groening, the show’s creator, is a “time traveler.”

One user of the social network commented: “At this rate, we may also plan ahead with Simpson episodes. We live in the Matrix!”.

This isn’t the first time the Simpsons have predicted strange events.

Previously, the program “predicted” events such as the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the Ebola virus, and the Capitol riots.

Before that, in the 1993 episode of Marge in Chains, the residents of Springfield panicked when a deadly virus arrived in Springfield from Japan.

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