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Luciano Huck desistiu da política e assumiu o

A few hours, minutes, and seconds from now, 2021 is going to be another tough year for TV due to the pandemic, but no less severe.

The most important facts have happened since its inception. The first of them, in January, here in this space, was announced Fausto Silva’s decision not to renew with Globo at the end of his contract, which expires today, the 31st, and then settled with Band.

And the consequences of that:

– Thiago Levert took charge of “Dança dos Famosos” initially and then decided not to renew the contract;
Luciano Hack gave up politics and accepted Sunday’s challenge.
– Marcus Mayon is out of “A Fazenda” and then joined the Globo;
– Adriane Galisteu acquired “Power Couple” and, given the good services rendered, acquired “A Fazenda”;
Tado Schmidt replaces “Fantastic” with “BBB”.

Apart from many other moves that were restricted to Record, Globo and Band. SBT was the exception. He was quiet the entire time in his field. But in general, a year full of significant events.


Today, December 31, it confirms the end of Fausto Silva’s relationship with Globo. A story spanning 30 years and like everyone else, with very good moments and not so many, especially in this final phase.

As of tomorrow, he will already be appointed by the Bandeirantes.

special year

Adriane Galisteu 2021 had a special dimension. It was, finally, the year of his return to television, after a long absence.

Back with determination. She did well on “Power Couple” and held “The Farm” with a lot of sophistication and style.

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So far

This mystery follows some mystery on Globo about the development of “Justiça 2” by Manuela Dias.

At the moment it is only known that it will be set in Goiânia and there was a recent meeting with collaborator Walter Daguerre and anthropological researcher Aline Maia. But nothing was closed about transmission and registration.

‘a trip’

Drama Recording continues to work hard to finish the first nineteen chapters of “Race” as soon as possible.

The novel, as you know, will be divided into several stages. This will be the first.


It’s nothing new for those on the scene, but seeing so many talented comedians come together on Amazon Prime “LOL Brasil: Se Rir, Já Era” is a huge draw.

And the direction of Tom Cavalcante and Clarice Falcão makes a huge difference in the format, which already has several versions around the world. No wonder it was renewed for two more seasons.

feet on the ground

The direction of the ensemble has absolute priority to work and provide all conditions for the debut of Fausto Silva.

All attention is focused on this.

next step

Only after the debut of “Faustão na Band” will action be taken on other upcoming productions.

and how the work calendars will be prepared in the Vera Cruz studios and in the Teatro Itália.


Off the air in 2020 and this year, SBT begins rehearsing for the 2022 ‘Press Cup’ round.

For some time now, there have been live calls inviting the public to suggest nominees for the award, online.

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“a novel”

Carolina Dieckmann will also be participating in “Novelei,” the joint venture between TV Globo and YouTube, to celebrate the classic series alongside YouTubers.

He will be in the episode dedicated to the series “Senhora do Destino”.

new frame

Globo’s intention is, little by little, to bring the news to “Domingão do Huck”.

There are at least three new formats already guaranteed for 2022, but the silence about them is still pretty cool.


Among the certainties, the January release of “Believe in Who Wants” has been confirmed.

Three stories are told in different ways and guests have to figure out which one is true.


As every other day of the year, Globo will soon be showing “Show da Virada”, a musical with the participation of many artists.

This time, due to the pandemic, a “liberation show” was presented that combined the performances of singers such as Anitta, Sandy and Junior, Gusttavo Lima, Marília Mendonça and many others. After “Om Lugar au Sol”.

hit – hit

• Confirmation of the launch of the documentary series “Romário, o Cara” for 2022…

• …records in many countries, especially in the countries where he played the most. Holland and Spain, for example…

• …there will be six chapters.

• The record has already identified the locations of “All the Girls In Me”…

• …grass, for example, would be one of them. Registrations are in January.

• Paula Richard, who until recently worked at Record, developed a new project for Teleimage.

• Confirmation of the premiere of the first season of “De Vacation with the Ex: Caribe” on MTV at 13, 21 hours.

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• The heavy rains have exposed the external areas of the Pantanal building to a serious danger…

• … the specified text is not fully followed …

• …return to the region remains uncertain.

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