Deloitte sued in the UK for bullying

Deloitte sued in the UK for bullying

Auditors have been under criticism for years as accounting frauds continue. However, some internal practices of the “Big 4” club (the four leading auditors in the world) have been evolving since EY, one of the world’s largest economies, was formerly accused by Ernst & Young in November. Failure to apply disciplinary action to an expert who harassed a colleague on a business trip.

Katrina Jones, a former Deloitte UK consultant, has filed a lawsuit against the auditor for harassment. According to the Financial Times this Wednesday. The professional, who joined Deloitte in 2015 for the Quality and Risk Committee, alleged that the investigation conducted by the company after his complaints was not aimed at finding out the truth, but rather at protecting him in order to maintain the status of the culprit.

Christopher Holliday’s repressive, manipulative and abusive “behavior” is inextricably linked with aging and power. Bullying. The two experts began a relationship in 2016 in which the holiday would begin with misbehavior. How to tell her that I can fire her at will without even giving a reason; Or share your location via GPS and threaten you after the relationship ends in 2017.

In 2018, Deloitte launched an internal investigation after two colleagues expressed concern about the consultant’s treatment. However, this investigation could lead to the transfer of an expert in the human resources field, where he can access Jones’ new address, which is included in his file. Both have already left the company.

Deloitte, contacted by the Financial Times, has not yet commented on the case and declined to comment. The British newspaper also notes that Christopher Holiday could not be reached.

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