Deborah Secco becomes seriously ill after recovering from Covid-19 – famous

Deborah Secco becomes seriously ill after recovering from Covid-19 - famous

Deborah Secco (Photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

actress Deborah Secco Contracted Covid-19 At the same time with the husband, Hugo Mora, In August 2020. But after illness, she faced even more panic when she contracted viral hepatitis, which killed 1.3 million people in 2015.

Immediately after the events, Deborah He said he was starting to take better care of his health and boosted his diet. In an interview with Patricia CogotAnd the Or a balloonThe actress said:I caught Covid and then viral hepatitis due to infection, in the middle of last year. This made me take better care of myself and my food“.

In addition to his health, the epidemic has also affected business. She remembers feeling strong feelings when she returned to the studio to finish recordings of the series Save yourself who can.

I almost got back into scoring after the first stop of the pandemic as a rebirth. But more because it is a light TV series. The plot forced me into an energy lighter than the one in which I found myself.

Deborah announced

dry He still reveals that he likes to see the result of the conspiracy and that “It’d be nice to tell in a few years that I’ve been a part of all of this. It was very acrylic, great space, separate locker rooms …Remember.

It was fun because I was able to work in this extremely challenging time, as I live this unique and historic experience of recording with protocols in the midst of a pandemic. And also to get that light energy. I was probably not emotionally ready for a more intense soapy opera. It was really special.

The actress finished

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