David OMC Bin Laden

David OMC Bin Laden

Duffy and MC Bin Laden compete for BBB 24's 17th Wall (Photo: Globo, Disclosure)

The seventeenth wall of BBB 24 is formed by Davi or MC Bin Laden in the spotlight and compete to remain in the most watched house in the country. With BBB Turno, the training took place this Tuesday (2), the same day of Beetle's elimination and immediately after Lucas Henrique won the leader's test. The seventeenth wall is removed on Thursday (4). Read on to find out how the wall was formed and voted in the poll.

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BBB 24 Wall Survey 17th

In the vote to choose who will leave, the participant with the most votes in this 17th wall of BBB 24 will be eliminated. Poll voting:

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How to vote on BBB 24

In the first six walls, the realistic vote went to staying at home. Thus, the participant who received the lowest votes for that week was eliminated. However, now he will be a participant Most votes Who says goodbye to home?

Understand the controversy surrounding Luciano Hack and former BBB 24 participant

Another change is that there are two types of votes: public vote and individual vote. The propeller model is the “mutirões” model com.gshow, with no voting limit. One voice, as its name suggests, is unique. To do this, you must register on the Globo website and submit your CPF.

The voting result is a weighted average of the two voting models, taking into account a weight of 50% in each method. I wonder how it will work, click here See an example of calculating a mixed voting system.

How the BBB's 17th Wall Was Formed 24

In BBB Shift, after Eliminating Beetle with 82% of the vote, All participants went to the testing area to compete for 17th place. In a three-stage dynamic, the first being luck, the second being skill, and the third being luck again, the brother who came out on top was Lucas Henrique.

BBB 24: Lucas Henrique wins the luck test and becomes the new captain

After consolidating the lead, everyone returned to their homes and Tadeo began forming the 17th wall, which would be double, and no participant survived. Leader Lucas Henrique nominated Davey to the wall, and in an open vote, MC Bin Laden received 5 votes.

BBB 24: Davey and MC Bin Laden feud over the double wall

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