Meet the godparents who baptized the daughter of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi in a ceremony held at SP| celebrities

Meet the godparents who baptized the daughter of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi in a ceremony held at SP|  celebrities

Who are the godparents of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi's daughter? Reproduction

This Saturday (8) baptism There is nodaughter Neymar that it Bruna Biancardi. At the age of 8 months, the little girl received communion in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosario de Fátima, in Cotia (SP).

It was the little one Baptized by Hannah Carvalho that it Leo Vendittowho were chosen for this role.

Who is Leo Venditto?

Leo Venditto is a mutual friend of Neymar and Bruna and was the one who introduced the two. He is a businessman and always appears at social events at the star's house. Last year, he celebrated the invitation he received to care for the little girl. “The moment I received the best invitation of my life! Dindo loves her so much already and will take care of this little one like never before. I love you three so much,” he said.

Leo Venditto at Mavi's christening – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Who is Hannah Carvalho?

Hannah Carvalho He is my best friend Bruna Biancardi He works in the field of marketing and communications. The closeness between the two is such that Mavi's baptism is held with that of Marina, the daughter of Biancardi's friend. The influencer is also the little boy's godmother.

Hannah Carvalho, Muffy's Godmother – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The ceremony was held at SP

Fortunately, Biancardi also detailed the pieces the little girl wore to the party. The first garment chosen to receive Communion is made of noble fabric with natural threads, cotton phyllo, Renaissance lace and Rococo embroidery on silk linen.

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She also displayed a candle, a tradition in Catholic baptism, and other items, such as headbands, scarves and accessories. “These are all the elements, I didn't even know I was taking everything for the baptism. There are so many things we have to deal with at the same time. We already have everything we need,” he said.

Biancardi He also explained why he chose two productions. “There are two looks. I wanted to have two because she will get dirty, so she will feel comfortable later at home to receive guests,” he explained.

Video of the baptism of Neymar's daughter, Mafi


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