Dark mode gone on Facebook? Users are complaining about Android | social networks

Dark mode gone on Facebook?  Users are complaining about Android |  social networks

a a program Act The social networking site Facebook It turned white and did not miss Enable dark mode After updating, according to users’ complaints on Twitter This Wednesday (26). One an insect Affects the button to select the night theme, and prevents Facebook from going black again. a Tech ToDo Error clone on two smartphones Male in appearanceAnd I found that the problem does not affect Iphone (iOS).

It is worth remembering that Facebook LiteThe lighter version of the social network, available for The Google It can be a substitute for the time being from Set night mode. Required by Tech ToDoA Facebook spokesperson said, “We are aware that some people are having trouble accessing some of the features in the Facebook Android app. We are working to restore the services as soon as possible.”

Facebook: Dark Mode launches on Android and iPhone (iOS) app – Picture: Disclosure / Facebook

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Users who have Facebook dark theme enabled can comment that the app has returned to light mode for no apparent reason “out of the blue”, and cannot return Facebook to dark mode because the button isn’t working. The latest update to the Android social network was released on Tuesday (25), according to the app’s page at Play Store.

a Tech ToDo Reproduction of the error on two Android phones: one Huawei P30 Pro It Galaxy A10, Both of them with Android 10. When testing the latest Facebook version 319., the app displayed dark mode without problems, depending on your system settings. However, upon reopening Facebook after deactivating the Android night theme, the social network began to display a clear interface, even though the app itself was set to dark mode.

Way to activate dark theme and make Facebook dark on Android – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

The option to change Facebook theme on Android, available via Settings> Preferences> Dark Mode, does not respond to user commands, and prevents Facebook’s night mode reactivation. Although the error has not been fixed, it’s worth remembering that Facebook Lite also has an option Activate the dark theme on social networkIt could be an alternative to overcome the problem for now.

How to activate night mode on Facebook Lite – Photo: Playback / Helito Beggiora

On Twitter, users of Facebook criticized the wrong dark mode, and showed difficulty finding the option to activate the social network black theme. In the past few days, The key was available directly on the Facebook side menu, But the feature is now more “hidden” in the Account Settings menu.

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Dark Mode on Facebook: How to Activate and Use on iPhone

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