Customers complain about fake restaurants that do not provide delivery services

Customers complain about fake restaurants that do not provide delivery services

Customer places an order on iFood, pays and does not receive any food. That’s what happens to those who buy from two restaurants located on the platform, Carne na Brasa and Panela de Fugao, in São Paulo, according to complaints on the website Reclame Aqui.

The first has about ten complaints, all in the past nine days, and the second has four complaints registered on the platform – all from this weekend. The menus of the two restaurants are identical and at low prices. At Carne na Brasa, for example, a grilled filet mignon with rice and potatoes costs R$29. And in Panela de Fugao, the dish itself costs even less, which is 19 BRL. The two restaurants do not have any customer reviews.

Carne na Brasa already has about ten complaints about the Reclame Aqui

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CNPJs for both companies are active and opened in May of this year. There is a building under construction at the address registered by Carne na Brasa on the platform. The Panela de Fogão address is located in a plaza in the Rua 25 de Março district, a popular shopping district in the capital of São Paulo.

The report called the two phone numbers shown in the log and neither of them completed the call, despite appearing to be open on iFood Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

The UOL I found that Panela de Fogão restaurant put a mobile phone number of someone unrelated to the company as a contact on iFood.

The owner of the number said that she can no longer receive calls and messages from people who complain that they have not received their orders. According to her, calls occur every five minutes.

A printout sent to the report shows that in about half an hour, on Saturday (21), her cell phone received 12 calls.

ifood complaint - clone / rename Aqui - clone / rename Aqui

Complaint about the Restaurant Panela de Fougao

Photo: reproduction / claim here

What does iFood say

wanted by UOL, iFood said the cases of the two restaurants were being analyzed internally, but did not say whether the company had compensated affected customers. In response to Reclame Aqui, the company promised reimbursement.

“iFood denies misconduct by any registered user of the app, whether consumers, partner organizations or independent delivery guys,” he said in a statement.

When asked about the registration procedure on the platform, iFood replied that the organization needs to send data such as active CNPJ, CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities), address and bank details of the legal entity. The information is verified, according to iFood, before a partner joins the app.

“The company has a specialized and dedicated in-house team to monitor suspicious activities across the country, and technology is used to verify the data, using various processes that allow to avoid and / or direct when there is any suspicion. Fraud is confirmed, the restaurant is not registered from the platform and the case can also be referred for investigation by police authorities,” he says in a note.

As of the publication of this report, the two mentioned restaurants were still registered on the platform.

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