“Cryptocoins” – an excellent introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies

Aaron Koenig has written a new book: Cryptocoins. In this, he gives investors and interested parties an overview of the phenomenon of crypto currencies on relatively few pages. Deep insights are not to be expected – but the best introduction that the German book market currently offers.  

The Berlin-based Aaron Koenig has big plans for his new book: “Cryptocoins – Investing in digital currencies” should explain to a public audience on almost 200 pages how crypto currencies work, how to use them, which ones are available and how to earn or lose money with them. Not an easy task, since you could fill books with each and every one of these points. But books are not the most interesting thing, it is not enough just to read a book and start investing or mining cryptocurrencies. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the NTF token and consolidate your knowledge, in order not to subsequently lose everything that has been gained.

Aaron has mastered it, that much has already been said. Cryptcoins is short, but never choppy, but always understandable and descriptive. You learn how blockchain technology works and how to use it, get to know some of the most important cryptocurrencies and get tips on how to trade and invest with the coins. Deep insights are not to be expected at any point, but many suggestions to think further or to find out more. If you are looking for a broad but concise and understandable introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, you can safely recommend Aaron Koenig’s book. You won’t find anything better in the German book trade. 

 “Cryptocoins” is divided into three parts: In the first, Aaron explains what cryptocurrencies and blockchains are and how to use them.On around 50 pages, it deals with topics such as cryptography, mining, proof-of-stake, ICOs, multisig, wallets, seeds, paper wallets and more – not in-depth, but very well suited to get an overview. {{1} } 

In the second part, Aaron Koenig describes a swing of cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Auroracoin, from Monero to Ethereum, from Nem to Augur. Once again, the broad, understandable overview is to be praised, even if the division into payment, local and coins for special purposes seems a bit questionable. The selection is no longer entirely up-to-date, although the book was only published in September. Of the top 6 coins, three are missing – Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and IOTA. The relevance of local coins like Auroracoins also seems to me to be too big, while Ethereum is encapsulated far too tightly on 4.5 pages. Even for a superficial, concise presentation, this is not enough. 

The third part is aimed specifically at the investor readership. Aaron explains how to make money with cryptocurrencies. Here, too, he manages to deal with a wide range of topics in a small space – from hoarding to day and margin trading to ICO and cloud mining, almost everything is included that makes crypto currencies a paradise for risk-takers. I am very grateful to Aaron for dedicating a whole chapter to the scammers and money diggers: the scamcoins, shitcoins, MLM coins, the pseudo-ICOs and pump-n-dumps. Because you lose money quickly with cryptocurrencies.

The conclusion of the book, in which Aaron describes on a few pages how the crypto revolution is decentralizing the world, seems a bit unnecessary, but also not disturbing. Such a social prognosis cannot succeed in this limited space and therefore remains brief, superficial and one-sided. But this does not in the least tarnish the consistently positive impression of the book. It is by far the best introduction to the cryptocurrency trend that is currently available in German.

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