Cristiano Ronaldo imports a machine worth 320,000 Brazilian riyals to expand his career | international

Cristiano Ronaldo imports a machine worth 320,000 Brazilian riyals to expand his career |  international
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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, is fighting against time and wants to continue playing at a high level for a few more years. Therefore, he spared no effort and just took one of his favorite “games” from Italy to England.

Last week, the Portuguese sent an ice room for cryotherapy to his new home, in order to help him keep fit, tabloid The Sun revealed.

The device, which costs 50,000 euros (about 320,000 Brazilian reais), can apply temperatures below -200 degrees Celsius and help treat and rehabilitate human tissue. For treatment, the star must wear gloves before entering a body-sized capsule. At this point, liquid nitrogen is pumped out. Users can spend a maximum of five minutes in the room, where more time can pose a significant health risk.

Proponents of the treatment believe the device increases circulation and improves the immune system, as well as reducing fatigue and helping wounds heal more quickly.

The ace started using the device in 2013, when he played for Spanish giants Real Madrid. “Ronaldo is meticulous in the way he takes care of his body and will do anything to gain an edge. Moving the cryotherapy room from Italy to Cheshire was not an easy task, but he is now happy to be here as it will help him with his post-match recovery routine,” a source told The Sun, He added: “Bringing access to the UK was one of his first priorities because he knows how difficult the Premier League is and wants to ensure he stays in top shape.”

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In addition to players, celebrities also use the machine, including James Bond star Daniel Craig. Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. And take that singer Gary Barlow.

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