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President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michael, Accused UK of Prevent exports of vaccines against Govt-19, Which provoked strong rejection on the part of the British government.

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One-third of the UK population already has a size, compared to 6% in the EU

In a newsletter released Tuesday, he said it was Michael “Surprise” “For the charges ‘Vaccine nationalism’ Against the EU. “The facts do not lie,” he wrote.

United Kingdom and the United States They have imposed a total ban on the export of vaccines or vaccine components manufactured in their region.

The UK government slammed and responded to the claim “Totally wrong”. In a statement, the spokesman said it was the United Kingdom “It simply came to our notice then Export There is not even a single vaccine against Govt-19. “

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Friction after Brexit

This controversy is said to have increased tensions between the two sides England withdrew from the camp in December. Vaccines have become a turning point in the relationship, the EU program – with many complications of delays – It did not match the speed of the English.

About One-third of the UK population already has a size, Compared to 6% On top of that European union, According to data compiled by Bloomberg.

In January, The European union Threatened briefly to control Vaccine flow Towards Northern Ireland Thus to the United Kingdom, by applying the emergency section in the contractProxy ‘. In doing so, the camp reopened one of the most important disputes of the entire divorce: How to Avoid Returning Full Customs Checks on the Island of Ireland.

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Diplomatic activities

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson It faces a legal challenge from the camp after unilaterally announcing that it will expand Period of grace To control food imports crossing the Irish Sea into Northern Ireland From April 1st, As previously admitted.

International Constitutional Relations and Future Vice President of the European Commission, Maros Sefkovic, He provided details of the move at a meeting of EU ambassadors Brussels.

Activities include Imposition of sanctions on the United Kingdom That includes Trading feesSaid an EU official. On Monday, Johnson called for tensions “Early issues” It can be “solved” “Goodwill and Imagination”.


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