Covid-19: UK variant case confirmed in condo sale Bahia

Covid-19: UK variant case confirmed in condo sale Bahia

The city of Candido, a municipality in southwestern Bahia, on Tuesday (1) confirmed that a case of variation of Govt-19 has been registered in the city in the United Kingdom.

For a person who tested positive for the disease, a laboratory test of genetic sequencing performed on May 4 indicated a new mutation. The patient’s name has not been released, but the municipal health department said he has already been discharged and is recovering from the illness.

The variant was identified as “alpha” by the new name of the World Health Organization (WHO).

And as far as the city is concerned, all measures such as locating contacts and isolating suspects are being taken.

“Look for the Kovit-19 Trage Center for masks, breathing etiquette, hand hygiene, crowd avoidance and testing and isolation if symptoms occur,” City Hall said in a statement. Posted on social networks.

The city has a population of about 25,000, and according to the latest bulletin released by the state Department of Health (CESP), 1608 people have been tested positive for Govt-19 since the outbreak. Of these, 44 died.

Currently, 13 people are recovering in the city, and 5696 have already received the first dose of the vaccine.

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