Corporate Olympics in Brazil gains partnership

Corporate Olympics in Brazil gains partnership

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The Corporate Games, the largest corporate integration and team building event on a global scale, has received support from Charter Sports.

This voluntary agreement, which includes more than 40 companies sponsoring national sports, sets guidelines and mechanisms for the relationship between investors and sports entities.

The Sports Charter will be present at the next edition of the Olympic Games, scheduled to be held between 23 and 26 November in São Paulo (SP).

Davis Tenorio, CEO of eCORP HUB, the company responsible for bringing corporate gaming to Brazil, expressed his satisfaction with the support provided by Pacto pelo Esporte.

He stressed that this alliance is of great importance, as the charter is nationally recognized and brings together more than 40 major Brazilian companies, and is synonymous with credibility and commitment to the development of sports.

The main objective of the Sports Charter is to promote professional, integrated, transparent and governance-oriented sports management, and to provide self-regulatory tools that define these good practices.

The initiative aims to proactively improve the high-performance sports scenario in the country and seeks, in the long term, to increase funding for sports entities and sports in general, ensuring the credibility and security of investments.

Daniela Castro, CEO of Pacto pelo Esporte, highlighted the importance of sport based on values, examples, determination and teamwork, highlighting the impact of sport in several areas, such as socialization, occupation of public spaces, education, and directly. On health and wellness.

She emphasized how the Sports Charter represents the corporate union and its amazing ability to transform, which aligns with the principles of corporate gaming.

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The Corporate Games are a unique experience that combines sport, luxury and networking in an Olympic format that is open to companies of all sizes and their employees. The event will be held at several sports facilities, including the Brazilian Paralympic Centre, the Fazenda da Grama Golf Course, the TO Arena and Playball Stadium, among other locations. The street race will take place in Parque da Independência, where the Ipiranga Museum is located.

The competition will include many sports, both individual and team, in both men’s and women’s categories, with a total of 16 sports, including five team and nine individual. Organizations can enroll as many employees or teams as they want.

The Corporate Games have a 35-year history around the world and were first held in 1988 in San Francisco in the United States. Since then, it has grown year after year, bringing together more than 51,000 organizations and one million participants in editions held in 38 countries and 101 cities, offering more than 70 sports and 250 games. In 2023, in addition to Brazil, the Corporate Games will be held in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Romania and Turkey.

The São Paulo Corporate Games has institutional support from ABRH-SP (Brazilian Association of Human Resources), ABQV (Brazilian Association for Quality of Life), and EBB (Employer Branding Brazil), as well as media support from Grupo Gestão RH and Canal WOOHOO. This event is the responsibility of eCORP HUB.

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