Corona virus.- The United Kingdom records 9,800 new cases and 215 deaths

Madrid, 21 (Europa Press)

British health officials confirmed 9,834 cases of COVID-19 this Sunday, a further drop from 10,406 cases reported the day before, and 120,000 deaths a day since the outbreak began.

The United Kingdom has already estimated 4,115,509 people infected with COVID-19 since the outbreak, while 120,580 have died from the disease.

Regarding the condition of the hospital, British health officials have detailed that 1,492 people need hospital admission in the last 24 hours. So far, 18,462 people in the UK have been hospitalized with the disease, and 2,469 with mechanical respiration.

Meanwhile, more than 17.5 million people in the United Kingdom have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while about 615,148 have been vaccinated.

British Health Minister Matt Hong Kong has made progress this weekend, with groups of British people who have not seen their relatives in nursing homes for months finally being able to see each other inside the facility and touch each other.

Facilitating drastic measures in nursing homes is “the first step to getting back to where we want to be,” Hancock explained. Hancock’s statement comes ahead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s release of his “road map” on Monday to remove the country from its current isolated state.

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