Corinthians are looking for a G-4 approach and can use the Quartet against América-MG to win again

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After a draw with Juventus and Atletico-Go, Corinthians will hope to continue their reaction in the Brazil squad against America-MG on Sunday, 16:00, at the New Coimica Arena, to follow the goal of getting closer and closer to the G-4. Competition. And for that, coach Sylvinho, for the first time, will have to expand his four-strength reinforcements.

Willian Her debut in the latest round of the Nacional has been postponed due to a commitment to meet a 14-day quarantine, since she entered the country via the UK. Now, with the protocol fulfilled, the player is free to act. He even participated in activities with the group.

For right-back Wagner, the entry of high-level reinforcements will give the team more firepower in the game against América-MG. “With the arrival of these athletes who wanted to be here at the club, we are happy. We know Corinthians have to be among the first. Corinthians make their living from that,” the full-back told a news conference.

With 29 points, Corinthians tested the reaction that made up for their poor start to the tournament. The team, which was previously a candidate to fight relegation, now has other aspirations.

He commented: “The arrival of these players (Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes, Giuliano and Willian) has added a lot, but we have to keep our feet on the ground.

Sunday’s game has an allure outside the four lines. Wagner Mancini, who until May was coach of Corinthians, will now be in charge of América-MG from the reserve bank Neo Química Arena.

Not to be surprised, Sylvinho took the week off to work on his team. The exercises were carried out in a small field for marking training under pressure. The coach also emphasized the defensive kick.

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Other details were the team’s speed transition and the support of full-backs Wagner and Fabio Santos in the attacking attacks.

In América-MG, the situation is worrying because the team is 17th. However, the Vágner Mancini team comes from two consecutive victories. If you get a positive result, Minas Gerais has a chance to finish the round outside the relegation zone.

The embezzlement occurred in Minas Gerais at the expense of Felipe Azevedo, who won the third yellow card. Mauro Zarate and Brio vied for the position in the offensive sector.

data sheet

Corinth x America – MG

Corinth: Cassius. Wagner, Gill, Joao Victor and Fabio Santos; Gabriel, Renato Augusto, Giuliano and Willian; Roger Geddes and Joe. idiomatic: Sylvino.

America MG: Mateus Caffeccioli. Patrick, Eduardo Bormann, Ricardo Silva, and Marlon; Lucas Cale, Juninho and Ademir; Mauro Zarate (Berio), Fabricio Daniel and Ribamar. idiomatic: Wagner Mancini.

Judge: Savio Pereira Sampaio (Defender)

Table: 18h15

Sweetened: Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo

on TV: Pay per view

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