COP26: Demonstrators protesting in presidential masks and sixth-round uniforms; See pictures | COP 26

Outside the United Nations climate conference, COP26, which is being held in Glasgow, UK, protesters are trying to put pressure on leaders negotiating their countries’ pollution reduction commitments.

Activists mark the sixth round series at protests outside COP26 in Glasgow on November 2, 2021 – Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP

On Tuesday (2) activists organized a demonstration inspired by the Sixth Round series, the idea being to tell the leaders assembled at the conference to “stop the games”.

Climate activists wearing masks of world leaders simulate a scene from “Round Six” near the COP26 site in Glasgow – Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP

Some of the protesters were dressed in clothes reminiscent of the series, but with masks of leaders of the countries participating in COP26.

Brazilian Presidents Jair Bolsonaro, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping did not go to Glasgow, but activists made masks on their faces, too.

Demonstrators wearing leader masks visually refer to Round Six in Glasgow on November 2, 2021 – Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP

Greta quotes blah blah again

‘We don’t want so-and-so anymore’ Greta Thunberg says.

According to Ansa, Greta said that the real leaders are not within the compound where the meeting is taking place, and the real leaders are the people who participated in the protest.

Glasgow protest inspired by the sixth round, November 2, 2021 – Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP

She came back to say that speeches at events like COP26 are blah blah.

She has expressed herself in this way on other occasions, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, even referred to this Greta’s speech in his opening address.

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