Conversation considered homosexual in the UK has been removed from the film

Conversation considered homosexual in the UK has been removed from the film

Sensitivities change over time, and reviewing classic movies – no matter how great they are – can now be an exciting experience when confronted with intolerable moments. In the United Kingdom, it chose not to take any risks by showing a television station Spider man (2002) and removed the notion that homosexuality is considered.

The film opens with a trilogy of Sam RaimiPlayed Toby Maguire, Is still considered the best adaptation of comics, but was initially marked for many years by a visual homosexual comedy. When this feature aired on British television, the channel ITV Decided to cut the scene.

The original moment, which is still present in all other copies of the film around the world, was in a fight ring with Peter Parker in an attempt to make some money. As a test of his powers, he must face a pumped and threatening enemy in the cage McGraw Bone SawPlayed Randy Savage – One of the biggest names WWE.

From a distance, Peter Parker uses the opportunity to make fun of his rival with unfortunate humor.

In order to provoke his rival, Parker mocks his opponent’s ring, (in Brazilian): “I liked the model. Did your husband give it to you?”. Like the joke sent by many at the time, it felt numb for years. Because of this, ITV removed it, as one Twitter user pointed out.

In the @PaperPlaneTF profile video, it is clear that ITV only cut Peter Parker’s answer – see below:

Change is a complex case. While the comedy has a homogenous tone and its removal does not change the progress and understanding of the scene, changing movies and series from the past is a subtle thing, especially when it happens in countries like China where censorship takes place.

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Anyway, Spider man The rest of the world, including Brazil where the film is available, continues without any cuts or changes HBO Max, Netflix And Globophile.

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