Controversy in the UK: Putin’s former minister Doris – donated millions to the world

Controversy in the UK: Putin's former minister Doris - donated millions to the world
Pandora Papers reveals that the wealth of Lubov Chernukin, who has donated millions to Boris Johnson’s party since 2012, came from her husband Vladimir’s foreign companies.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party faces new questions about party donations from the wife of a former Russian minister. These questions appear in the Pandora Papers, and accordingly, the fortunes of Vladimir Chernukin’s wife, Lubov Chernukin, came from her husband, and with little transparency. Lubov, one of Tory’s leading donors, has donated more than two million euros to the party since 2012.These donations opened the door for Lupo to have a closer relationship with other conservative figures such as Johnson, who plays tennis, and Theresa May, the former prime minister.
The origin of Chernuk’s fortune was a mystery, but, according to the Pandora Papers, the pair are affiliated with 32 foreign companies.Now British citizens have secretly bought property in the UK through these companies, including a 44 44 million house on Regents Park in London and 11 11 million in Oxfordshire.
Vladimir Putin left Russia for London in 2004 to head the British state-owned bank. He would have abused his position to augment his wealth through private investments elsewhere in Moscow and St. Petersburg.Johnson refuses to make a mistake, confirming that Lubov Chernuk’s donations are being properly investigated.

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