Concerns about the estrogen vaccine are growing in the UK


Oxford / Astrogeneca Vaccine (Credit: REUTERS / Yves Herman)

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LONDON (Reuters) – British enthusiasm for the Astrogenega vaccine against Govt-19 has waned this month, reflecting growing concern over the relevance of vaccines to rare adverse side effects, despite high confidence in vaccines in the UK, according to research.

A study of nearly 5,000 people showed a significant increase in the proportion of people who said they would like to be vaccinated against Covit-19, but also revealed that almost a quarter now believe that the Astrogenega vaccine causes blood clots. Compared to 13% last month.

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Reports on attachments to very low blood clots have reduced confidence in the Astrogenega vaccine developed with scientists at Oxford University, and tests have shown that it is 76% effective in preventing covit-19 in symptoms.

More than a dozen European countries have suspended its use, citing the combination of low platelets and blood clots in a very small number of people who have been vaccinated. Many countries have returned to use it, but with some restrictions.

“Fear of blood clots has affected how the general public (in the UK) view the astrogenic vaccine – but this has not diminished confidence in vaccines in general,” said Bobby Duffy, director of policy at King’s College London. Study.

“The trend towards greater commitment to the vaccine – quickly – is that the program is so advanced that there are no signs of widespread serious complications,” he said.

The UK survey was conducted from April 1 to 16 with 4,896 adults aged 18 to 75 years.

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The Astrogeneca vaccine is in use in Brazil with Coronavac against Govit-19.


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