Computer failure affects “e-gates” and creates long lines at UK airports – travel and leisure

Computer failure affects "e-gates" and creates long lines at UK airports - travel and leisure

Deficiencies in the control systems for e-gates, the electronic checkpoints for entry into the UK, affect many UK airports, including Heathrow, the region’s largest airport.

“We are aware of the failure of the organization, which includes border guards and operates ‘e-gates’ operated by this company. This issue affects many gateways, and it is not an isolated issue,” Heathrow Airport tweeted.

Airport officials say the teams are already working with the companies responsible to find a solution as soon as possible, citing the “border force” that is part of the interior ministry. The agency is responsible for immigration and customs control issues in the country.

Manchester Airport has also been hit by the system’s failure, citing a “nationwide failure” in a tweet. Via Twitter, Edinburgh Airport in Scotland said it had acknowledged the shortcoming.

To Sky News, The Home Ministry pointed out that this failure had already been resolved. “A technical problem affecting the e-gates was detected in several entries this afternoon. The problem was quickly identified and now resolved.”

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However, long queues at UK airports continue to be felt, according to British newspapers. Some passengers report long waits on flights.

There are about 270 e-gates at 15 airports and train stations in the UK aimed at speeding up entry into the British border.

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