Companies that pay small sick pay to those who are not vaccinated in the UK

Companies that pay small sick pay to those who are not vaccinated in the UK

One of Ikea’s companies will try to encourage its employees to get vaccinated by paying lower benefits to those who are not immunized – AFP

Some companies in the UK, such as Next, Ikea, Morrisons and Ocado, offer lower sick leave benefits to encourage non-vaccinated employees isolated due to Covit-19 to receive immunizations and reduce infection-related costs.

Swedish furniture company Ikea insists in its report that if not related to the virus, “vaccinated and unvaccinated workers have specific causes such as pregnancy or other medical reasons”.

On the other hand, those who are not vaccinated without medical justification will only receive the legal sickness benefit (statutory sick pay, SSP).

Clothing chain Next, food distributors Ocado and Morrisons Supermarkets, affiliated with AFP, have told AFP that they will pay all employees who test positive for Covid-19, but only the minimum (SSP) for the disease practically in the company. Those who have not been vaccinated should isolate themselves in cases of contact with exceptions.

With the highly contagious Omigron variant, millions of Britons have cases of contact with those with Govit-19.

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