Columnist says Fatma Bernardes will be leaving Globo in the second semester

Columnist says Fatma Bernardes will be leaving Globo in the second semester

Presenter Fatima Bernardis Globo must leave in the second semester, according to column Zapping, of journalist Cristina Padiglione, from Folha.

Fatima’s departure from the station in 2022 is already a foregone conclusion by Globo’s top echelon. In June, the presenter will complete ten years of “Encontro” training, and this year she will complete 35 years at the station.

At the age of about 60, the presenter, according to the columnist, wants to slow down a bit and enjoy life, as well as avoid the routine of facing many trips per day, because she works in Rio de Janeiro and her boyfriend, Túlio Gadelha, lives in Recife (PE), as well as his son Vinicius, who studies in France.

Within a year, Fatima had to withdraw from the program twice, in December 2020, she discovered endometrial cancer, and in November 2021, she underwent shoulder surgery.

With the announcer leaving, “Encontro” must continue on the air, but there is still no definition of who will present the show in her place.

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