City Hall announces recovery plan and launches “Rio de Novo” calendar of events – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

City Council launches Rio de Novo calendar – Beth Santos / Rio City Hall

The city of Rio announced Thursday (29/07) that if the epidemiological scenario of the Covid-19 epidemic in the city continues to deteriorate, Cariocas will be able to return to the streets based on a plan to resume. To mark this comeback, the city will, over the course of a year, promote “Rio de Novo,” a calendar of events that will bring the carioca back to the city. The start of the festivities will be on September 2, when there will be a new phase of rule flexibility. The year of celebrations will culminate with a municipal holiday on September 2, 2022: Reencounter Day.

– The epidemic is not over yet, what we announce depends a lot on the position of each of us. It is essential that people continue to be vaccinated, as well as respecting the rules, the use of masks and the distance. Only then will we celebrate life and reunion. We want to celebrate the year of celebrating life, hope and rebirth. We have a North with a vaccination perspective and our planning will allow people to plan to end the epidemic. We need it – explained Mayor Eduardo Paes during a press conference at Palácio da Cidade, in Botafogo.

The measures proposed by the city to reduce restrictions have prerequisites to be effective. Conditions will be: the epidemiological scenario remains favorable; Vaccines must arrive as planned by the Department of Health’s National Immunization Program (PNI); Cariocas vaccination should continue in an effective and combined manner; and high vaccination coverage for the population over the age of 60 and those with comorbidities.

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– We open our plans to the community. This measure aims to provide transparency, even with the degree of unpredictability of the epidemic. There is no flexibility now, it is flexibility for the future. It is important to give a possible horizon, but we do not underestimate or make anything more flexible today. The future depends on what people do now, how they take care of themselves and comply with the restrictive measures in place – stressed the Minister of Health, Daniel Sorans.

In order to resume, the city plans that, by September, 77% of residents have already received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 and that 45% have already been vaccinated with the second or single dose.

Rio City Hall’s resume planning follows international standards and successful protocols that have been implemented in other countries. The United States, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Israel and the United Kingdom eased restrictions on vaccine programs by less than those set by the city of Rio.

– We know that Ryo will work again. It’s a plan that could roll back, but the data suggests we’re living in a better moment. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s better. There is little left to overcome this bad phase of our lives – the mayor of Rio highlighted.

The appeal will have three stages

The restrictions will be phased out in three phases to provide predictability and security for the resumption of activities and the economy of Rio.

September 2 – There will be release of events in open environments. Public authorization with full vaccination schedule in stadiums (50% capacity) and public release in nightclubs, concert halls and indoor parties with full vaccination schedule at 50% capacity. Masks will still be mandatory.

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October 17 Nightclubs, concert halls, indoor parties and stadiums will be allowed to open at 100% as long as the public submits a full vaccination schedule. Masks will still be mandatory.

November 15 Mask use will only be mandatory in public transport and healthcare facilities. From that date, the city will allow people to move around freely, without restrictions on capacity or distance.

Rio Once Again: A Year of Events and Meetings to Celebrate the Joy of Rio

To celebrate the appeal, the city council will organize a year of events: “Rio de Novo”. The festivities will start in September. Between days 2 and 5, City Hall of Rio will promote a series of free, small events spread across the city, with options for culture, entertainment, sports, gastronomy and children’s entertainment.

The first night of festivities takes place on the 2nd of September. On the third day, Mayor Eduardo Paes will decide on an optional point in the city. Events will be held in open, well-ventilated spaces and masks will be required.

Actions – 2-5 September 2021

Streets closed to traffic.

Events in gastronomic centers.

famous sites in the city with special lighting, projections and musical performances;

Several DJs will be distributed at various points on the beach of Rio de Janeiro;

Cultural and artistic manifestations in hundreds of venues in Rio with priority given to local artists;

activities in the open areas of cultural facilities in the municipality;

Half-ticket to the main tourist attractions of the city;

illumination of characteristic sites in the city;

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cartography (projections) and orchestra at Arcos da Lapa;

Special programming in Cidade do Samba and Cidade das Artes;

Activities in all Olympic villages in the city;

Rio Renaissance Cup: commemorative match with 50% of the audience;

meditation, tai chi chuan, yoga in squares and gardens;

Solidarity Football Championship in Communities.

pub games

Reencounter’s Day – New municipal holiday – September 2, 2022.


  • 29 July 2021
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