Ciro reinforces Bolsonaro’s speech and criticizes Petrobras’ profits: a ‘slap’

Ciro reinforces Bolsonaro's speech and criticizes Petrobras' profits: a 'slap'

Planalto pre-filter slammed by PDT, Ciro Gomes, earnings Petrobras amid rising prices for fuel. The presidential candidate adopted a speech similar to that of his opponent Jair Bolsonaro (No party), who argued yesterday that the state-owned company has a “social bias” and, therefore, does not have to be a very high profit company, “as it were”.

Petrobras made a profit of 31.14 billion Brazilian reais in the third quarter of this year, The company’s second recently released balance sheet. In the same period in 2020, the state-owned company recorded a loss of R$1.5 billion.

“Petrobras’ last quarter balance sheet figures, released yesterday, are a slap in the face to every Brazilian and a deep stab in the heart of the poorest of the poor,” the politician wrote on Twitter.

For Ciro, “giant dividends – distributed instantly to shareholders – attack, mock and humiliate the millions of people who pay for the most expensive fuel in history while feeding powerful shareholders.”

Today, strike eve truck driversConfaz (National Council for Fiscal Policy) Agree to freeze the value of ICMS Notified by the Ministry of Economy (GST) levied on fuel sales for a period of 90 days.

In a speech on behalf of the state-owned company, Ciro declared that Brazil is actually sweating to pay the “Polars Day” and launched: “We have built Petrobras with our taxes and the wealth of our soils and we are handing it all to them who fall with the genocidal policy of pegging fuel prices to the dollar! Oil! Ours! Petrobras is ours! We want it!”

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The politician also declared that “we cannot play their game, who want us to hate Petrobras. We have to take it back and put it back on track.”

Ciro against the sale of Petrobras

Despite talking about a “game”, the PTD politician did not say who would make people “hate” the state-owned company, but two days ago he classified the president’s selling intention as an “evil strategy”, which serves to meet international interests.

On the same day day Interview with JOVM TV Pan NewsBolsonaro has spoken again that he is considering privatizing Petrobras. According to him, the state-owned company is only working to give him a “headache” and provide services to shareholders. It was the third time in October alone that Bolsonaro considered the possibility of selling the state-owned company.

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