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One of the recent ideas of google browser It appears to turn Chrome’s New Tab into a control center for corporate services. After receiving the shortcuts for quick access to Drive, it’s now a file widget It should display the memories extracted from Google Photos.

The goal this time around is to appeal more to the emotional side than to productivity. This feature displays some photos of moments from the past, as a way to awaken that feeling of longing and show what life was like before Covid-19, for example.

The feature brings images from the past into Chrome’s new tab (Image: Playback/ChromeStory)

The photos will be placed at the bottom of the page, in a specific area called “See Your Memories Here”. If you click on the displayed button, the images will be displayed. Of course, for this to work, you must be logged into the browser with the same account as the image service.

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Formatting is still not very intuitive, because it requires a lot of user actions, so Chrome hasn’t polished this skill up a bit. Recently, the Memories widget has also been included for Android devices with the same premise, which is why the screen will look very similar on both.

For now, everything is still being tested in Chrome Canary and needs to be manually activated for it to work. Once released, it will start displaying images every time you open a new tab in the app. Apparently, the feature should be included in all browser versions for computers: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

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You will need to click the button and allow access to the memories (Image: Playback/ChromeStory)

How to enable images from Google Photos in the browser?

Step 1: After downloading the latest version of Canary, Dev or Beta, click on the address bar and enter the code: chrome://flags/#ntp-photos-module

Step 2: In the feature that appears, you will click on the dropdown and it changes from “default” to “enabled”;

Remember to switch from default to enabled (Image: screenshot/canaltech)

After enabling the flag, you need to restart your browser and you’re done. On first use, an alert message will ask for permission to view old Google Photos.

The idea is great because it makes you relive the experience of the past in a place that is accessed almost every day. If there is any unwanted memory, you can still go to the Photos app and set it not to display as memory.

Remember that not everyone may be able to access this feature right away. If that doesn’t work for you, try updating the app and try again later.

Source: ChromeStory

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