Ed Motta apologizes after criticizing hip-hop music and says he made a “bad” mistake.

Ed Motta apologizes after criticizing hip-hop music and says he made a “bad” mistake.

Ed Motta He posted a video on his personal page Instagram To apologize to the hip hop community. The musician said, in a live broadcast on the same social network last week, that any listener to this style is “stupid,” and because he does not like this genre, he described himself as a “sophisticated black man.”

The artist said, as reported by the website:

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“Hello hip-hop people. I came here to apologize and forgive you for my rude and disrespectful behavior towards the movement. I was live. My life, as you know, is a messy life where I talk badly about a lot of things. But he doesn't excuse it. It was “Bad.”

Finally he added:

“I left my friends sad, my friends who are part of the movement, and a lot of people upset with me. So I ask you for forgiveness, I made a big mistake.”

Over the past few years, Ed has expressed many controversial opinions in the same context as a live broadcast on the Internet. For example, the musician has already criticized Brazilian rock music from the 80s and the works of artists such as Elvis Presley and Raul Seixas – even retracting his statements regarding the latter mentioned.

When he spoke about hip-hop, he initially declared that, as a black person, he represented “the most sophisticated thing the race has to offer.” He then stressed that “everyone who listens to hip-hop is stupid,” and attributed intelligence only to jazz and classical music.

“Respect me, man. I'm not white, damn it, I'm black, but I represent the more sophisticated aspects of the race.” […] Anyone who listens to hip hop is stupid. anyone [frase repetida algumas vezes]. No exception. One day, I saw a snippet of an interview with this idiot. Rafinha Bastos: “Oh, because hip-hop is the type of music I like to listen to the most.” This person is an idiot. “What does an intelligent person hear?” jazz and classical music, Steely Dan“.

The statement led to negative repercussions on social media, including among artists. rap singer Major Road He shared a series of Stories on Instagram showing the outrage over the post:

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“Hip-hop saves lives, it is a movement that reintegrates many young people into society. You should have been ashamed, you should have followed Manu Brown And you say something like that.

already exists Publish RAP Nacional fileIn the comments section, Black Lee He left a thoughtful emoji, while the music producer Ricardo Aquino Highlight:

“Ed Motta is an ace in terms of music, truth be told. His DVD is with Alberto Contentino It's exciting on the bass in terms of groove and polyrhythm in a genre of music that has reached the masses. But what he says has not been written for a long time. How can anyone seriously generalize anything? It is a cultural movement on the scale of hip-hop, with social significance. We shouldn't even justify what he said. Ed has become an ignorant old man!

Criticism of beat makers

Previously, Ed Motta also sparked controversy when he stated that beatmakers – responsible for creating song beats in genres like hip-hop and electronica – are not musicians. During an Instagram Live broadcast in October 2021 (via Rap more), declared:

“Beats… synthesizers… these strange things. That's why I don't have a son! Imagine if I had a son, and my son said: 'Dad, I'm not a musician, I make synthesizers, I make beats.' I say: Son, I'll kill myself in front of you.” 'You won't kill me, like the girl in the movie who killed her parents. I'll kill myself in front of you…' When you come to me with MPC 60, I throw myself out the window because it will be the greatest shame of my life.

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