Chinese couple accused of spying for England

Chinese couple accused of spying for England

Chinese Ministry of Defense Reveals Detention of Chinese Couple Allegedly Spying for British Agency; The case is under investigation

A Chinese couple has been accused of spying for the United Kingdom's intelligence agency MI6, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced this Monday (June 3, 2024). According to the ministry, the couple, identified only as Wang and Chow, “”Plays central secret roles“, in a Chinese government agency.

Although specific details about its operations or information collected are not disclosed, IInvestigations into the case are ongoing. Information from Al Jazeera.

Wang was allegedly recruited by MI6 during a Sino-British exchange program in the United Kingdom in 2015. The British agency would have been in its favour.”Strong desire for money“, offers you security, dinners and events. Wang later convinced his wife Cho to join him in gathering intelligence for MI6.

The case comes against the backdrop of mutual accusations of espionage between China and European countries including the United Kingdom. In January, China exposed an MI6 spying plot, and in April, the United Kingdom accused two of its citizens of providing information to China.

China's Ministry of Defense is warning its citizens about the dangers of foreign intelligence. In January, it issued a warning “Sexy Beauties” It advised against recruiting Chinese citizens for foreign espionage and photographing military equipment, and recruiting aviation enthusiasts to send flight information from China to other countries.

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