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Armed forces China It is said that they chased after a warship, warned of it, and kept away from itUnited StateDrYou are It entered the waters near the Paracel Islands in the South Sea da chIAnd.

The announcement came Thursday (20), but the US Navy denies it is USS Benfold (pictured above) veered off course by the Chinese state of alert.

Southern Sector Command of the People’s Liberation Army. China, mentioned that The warship “illegally” entered Chinese territorial waters without permission, violating the country’s sovereignty, and the ship was caught by the Chinese navy and air forces..

“We solemnly demand that the United States immediately stop such provocative actions, otherwise it will be responsible for the severe consequences of unexpected events,” the Chinese leadership said.

People’s Republic Note China “This mission is wrong,” Mark Langford, a spokesman for the Seventh Fleet, said in a statement. The Seventh Fleet is part of the US Navy in the Pacific.

While the US Navy has denied that the USS Penfold has moved away due to a state of alert, it notes that the ship has been operating in the area, saying the mission reflects the country’s commitment to defending freedom of navigation in the South Sea. da china.

The US Navy frequently performs such missions in the South Sea China, an area disputed by several countries, to challenge Chinese territorial claims.

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