China and US announce agreement to strengthen climate action this decade – 11/10/2021

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Glasgow (UK), 10 November (EFE) .- The United States and China jointly announced this Wednesday in COP26 a mutual commitment to “strengthen climate action” over the current decade to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

“We are committed to strengthening climate action by 2020 (…) to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement,” Chinese negotiator Xie Zhenhua told a news conference.

In a statement, the two powers agreed that there was a “gap between current efforts and goals” in the Paris Agreement to prevent temperatures from rising above 2 degrees Celsius at the end of the century and to control the rise to 1.5. .

The announcement came two days before the end of talks at the Glasgow Climate Summit, where the parties want to push the 2015 Paris Agreement forward.

In the speech, China and the United States acknowledge the “urgency and severity of the climate crisis” and work to avoid “catastrophic consequences” individually, collectively and with other countries “in this crucial decade, according to different national circumstances.” “Of crisis.

This includes “low carbon green change and accelerating climate technological innovations” moving towards a “zero net emission global economy” and, for this purpose, the two sides will continue to talk about “actions” on COP26 and beyond. .

To this end, the two countries will work together on “Regulatory Structures and Environmental Standards” for 2030 and “Policies for Promoting Decompensation and Electrification” and “Circular Economy”, “Improving Green Projects and Use Renewable Resources”. “, In addition to implementing CO2 capture and storage technologies.

To reduce CO2 emissions, China, the world’s second largest emitter of carbon dioxide, and the United States, the world’s second-largest emitter, have said they would like to work together on policies that integrate “renewable energy.”

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They noted solar energy, storage and “other clean energy solutions” and “energy efficiency standards”, and said the United States would pursue the goal of “achieving 100% non-energy power generation by 2035” and that China would do so. Make “all efforts” to “gradually reduce coal consumption”.

Beijing and Washington want to “reduce the key role of methane emissions in raising temperatures” and reduce them in the current decade.

Prior to the 2022 climate conference, they announced their intention to develop “additional measures to improve control of emissions”.

At the Glasgow Climate Summit, the United States announced a goal of reducing its methane emissions by at least 30% by 2030, and China pledged to develop a “comprehensive and ambitious” plan. 2020s “.

Washington and Beijing acknowledge that “the elimination of illegal global deforestation will play a significant role in the pursuit of Paris’ goals.” They therefore stressed the need to work together to “support the destruction of this practice” by effectively enforcing the respective laws prohibiting illegal imports.

Finally, both powers supported “an ambitious, balanced and inclusive decision on mitigation, adaptation and support” in COP26, which sends a “clear signal” to the signatories of the Paris Agreement. EFE

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