Chevening opens registration on September 12

Chevening opens registration on September 12

The UK Government offers one-year Masters scholarships at universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Chevening scheme covers return tickets to the venue, selected course and administration fees. In addition, selected students are also given a monthly stipend for personal expenses, visa issuance and financial assistance to settle in the country. In 2023, 47 Brazilians have been selected and have begun their studies. Applications for the new scholarship will open on September 12 and run until November 7.

The selection process consists of only two phases. First, the applicant registers on the program’s website and fills an online form with the courses they wish to take. Then, submit the necessary documents, which include diplomas, academic transcripts, acceptance letters from universities, and letters of recommendation. The deadline for submission of some of these documents is extended even after the completion of the first phase of registration.

The second stage is an interview in English, which takes place in person at embassies, embassies and many other capitals across the country. The UK ambassador to Brazil, Stephanie Al-Khaq, says the aim is to boost career opportunities for those selected. “We are very proud of the trajectories of those who have benefited from the Chevening Scholarship. Many have become leaders and pioneers in their fields,” he added.

Prerequisites include at least two years of professional experience, including volunteer work and paid or unpaid internships. James Edwards, director of Chevening in Brazil, says the program is looking for students who want to improve the relationship between the British and Brazilians. “Candidates need to demonstrate the impact they’re making,” says the director.

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Applicants must return to their home country after completing one year of study. The aim is for them to use the knowledge gained in the course when they return home. There is no age limit or specific course to participate in the Chevening program.

Other characteristics expected of a scholarship holder:

📍Must have at least two years of professional experience (volunteer work and paid or unpaid internships also apply here);

📍You wish to return to your home country after completing your studies to use the knowledge gained in the United Kingdom;

📍Have a professional history of excellence and accomplishments with potential to become an outstanding leader in your area;

📍Demonstrate that you have the necessary personal qualities to benefit from the scholarship and apply it to your career;

📍Want to connect with other Chevening Scholars while studying in the UK and after returning to your home country;

📍Understand very clearly how the course you are taking will benefit your country.

More information about the process is available at this link:

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