Chelsea prepare for attacks with youngsters and Manchester City striker – 05/24/2022

Manchester United could face Young Boys on neutral ground, says announcer - 11-30-2021

Chelsea and Thomas Duchess are already studying parts of the squad for the 2022/2023 season, pending approval from the UK government to formalize their acquisition. The sale of 4. 4.25 billion (R $ 25.7 billion in current exchange) to the US consortium led by Mogul Todd Bohley promises to bring fresh air to the blues. Rahim Sterling, Jules County and Josca Guardiol may appear as names.

The name of Raheem Sterling, who won the Premier League with Manchester City, is speculated behind the scenes of the Blues. According to The Telegraph, Hakeem Jiech, Timo Werner and Christian Pulisik may be eager to leave this summer, and the city’s number seven is seen with good eyes on the London side. With a contract until 2023, Sterling will have to decide his future only after the League of Nations matches in the first half of June.

Young defenders Jules County and Sevilla and R.P. Both Leipzig players are at the top of the priority list. The club’s losing list of defensive players could be even longer, as Spaniards Aspliquita and Marcos Alonso have already indicated they want to explore new markets.

So the options of Koundé and Gvardiol became possible solutions to this defensive crisis, but they were not the only names sought. Pav Torres of Villarreal and Jose Kimines of Atletico de Madrid are also on the list of possible names already discussed.

Thomas Duchess has pointed out that names already borrowed by the club could be tested in the pre-season. Strikers Armando Proza (on loan for Southampton last season) and midfielder Connor Gallagher (on loan for Crystal Palace) were repeatedly praised by Chelsea’s boss during the season, and their returns are highly anticipated and they need to be better dealt with in the new situation. சீர்திருத்தம் ..

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