Check out 6 WhatsApp Shortcuts You Didn’t Know Can Help You

Check out 6 WhatsApp Shortcuts You Didn't Know Can Help You

NS The WhatsApp It is one of the most used instant chatting platforms in the world, and currently still one of the most used chatting platforms. The application can be used even through a desktop (laptop or PC). Many people use this tool to work on exchanging information and holding meetings in a fast and practical way.

Home office jobs have increased exponentially during the pandemic, and as a result, application or web platform usage has become consistent. Recently, WhatsApp started making an update so that the web login does not need the mobile device. Thus, at the same time, more than one computer can be connected to a particular account.

To improve the performance of using the platform on your computer, there are some hotkeys That allows you to unlock features quickly. Let’s explain some of them and their functions so that you can get to know more about the feature on your computer.

Open a new group or chat

by clicking on (Ctrl + Alt + N), a window with the options “New conversation” or “Group” will open and the most frequent contacts, that is, with the most frequent conversations, will open in a list.

Find new conversations

This shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Shift) will open the main screen to “search” for new WhatsApp conversations.

Delete the current conversation

To delete an existing conversation, click on the conversation and then the shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar). This will open the “Do you want to delete this conversation?” option.

Mute the current conversation

To mute a specific conversation, the shortcut is (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M). When you click on the option “Silence [nome do contato]Thus, all notifications will be muted.

Search messages in the current conversation

If you want to find a specific conversation within the current conversation you are having with your contact, the shortcut is (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F). The resource will open the search box to type what you are looking for.

Go to the next conversation

When you go to the next conversation in the list, click (Ctrl + Alt + Shift +]). This feature will move you to the next conversation on your list.

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