Chevrolet Spin will have updated multimedia and Internet connectivity

Chevrolet Spin will have updated multimedia and Internet connectivity

Restyling Chevrolet Spin -who will win New front, rear and interior—, will be accompanied by an update to the entertainment system. The MyLink multimedia center arrives in a new generation to match what is already offered today in AlarmFor example.

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The minibus is based on the old generation slot, so it still does not have an Internet or WiFi connection.

With this, the system can be updated remotely and the owner will no longer need to take the car to the dealership to do so. The minibus will also have a digital panel to go along with the multimedia screen.

However, the system will still be cell phone based with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Details of GM’s MyLink multimedia center, which includes OnStar telematics
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It’s different from Silverado Will debut. It will be the new multimedia center for the pickup Google built-in, a type of tablet that operates independently of a cell phone. Through the Google Play Store, the user will be able to download a series of navigation or music applications.

The update will also be over-the-air, but more comprehensive than for cars running the current system. The brand may, for example, launch updates to the engine and gearbox units. The owner will not need to take the car to a workshop to do this. Even mechanical diagnostics can be performed remotely.

OnStar is GM’s concierge service. Using a button on the inside, passengers connect to a call center that helps contact emergency services, track the vehicle and control basic functions via a cell phone app.

Chevrolet, for example, says that more than 90% of cars equipped with the system that are stolen end up being recovered. The service is free for the first year and then charges are charged for plans ranging from R$83.40 to R$121.90.

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